Nov 16

Second Hand Rose Debut “Clingy” Video; Play The East Coast This Fall

(PRWEB) October 01, 2014

One of the biggest rock bands in Beijing, Second Hand Rose () brings its distinct mix of heavy rock n roll and traditional Chinese instrumentation to New York, Boston, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia in October.

Named for the signature rose singer Liang Long often wears behind his ear and the notion that rock in China is a second-hand endeavor, Second Hand Rose revels in taboos (innuendo-laced lyrics, gender-bending costumes) and tweaking the establishment: for their performance at the state-owned Workers Gymnasium, they brought pig statues on stage to reference the line a group of pigs fly to heaven in their song Allow Some Artists to Get Rich First,” an allusion to Vice Premier Deng Xiaopings slogan, let some people get rich first as China began its embrace of capitalism.

The band draws on a stage tradition from Chinas northeast called Two Taking Turns, in which a male jester and female beauty trade flirtatious barbsthough in the bands case Liang plays both parts. The song Clingy adapts a traditional Two Taking Turns tune, Lovers Infatuation, and infuses it with Second Hand Roses trademark sound: power guitars mingle with braying suona (a Chinese horn) while Liang takes on a role thats part rock n roll troubadour, part Peking opera warbler. “‘Clingy” recounts the story of a passionate young couple that sneaks out of their homes for a secret affair, says Liang. The chorus portrays this in poetic images that are simultaneously romantic and terrifying: the nightly meetings, the picking of the flower (i.e. sex), and difficult departures.

Click the image above to watch the Liang Longdirected video for Clingy, with English subtitles. You ask me to come/Who the hell wouldnt want to come?!/…But your walls tall and encircled by watchtowers/Im afraid of your fathers shotgun.

Liang was drawn to Two Taking Turns because its a folksy and somewhat vulgar traditionmuch like rock music. And by combining the two, the band creates a truly Chinese expression of rock n roll, embracing all of the contradictions and competing influences that come with being an artist in modern China.

#UselessRockUSA Tour Dates

Tuesday, Oct. 7, The Red Room at Cafe 939, Boston

Wednesday, Oct. 8, Press Conference at UCT Cultural Development, 3:30pm, 310 E. 44th Street, New York

Thursday, Oct. 9, Useless Rock: Youth Culture in the PRC lecture, China Institute, NYC

Friday, Oct. 10, Theresa and Jane Lang Theatre at Atlas Performing Arts Center, Washington, DC

Sunday, Oct. 12, Red & Green Fashion Launch with Hip-Hop USA and film screening, Ran Tea House, Brooklyn

Wednesday, Oct. 15, Hard Rock Cafe, Philadelphia

Sunday, Oct. 19, Marlin Room at Webster Hall, NYC

Press Quotes:

-A message that truly resonates with an audience that grew up among the boom and bust of early Yaogun (Chinese rock n roll) and…a mercurial energy that prevents the music from taking itself too seriously. -China Music Radar

-[Liang Longs] trademark flowery jacket, bright red lipstick and round vintage sunglasses naturally conjure up waves of screams from the audiences. Holding a pair of cymbals, he shakes them slightly, while asking the crowd, “Shall we start?” -Xinhua

-Second Hand Roses unique brand of hard folk is genuinely homegrown, melding heavy guitars with old style Chinese horns and percussion. Flamboyant singer Liang Long, not averse to makeup and a figure-hugging dress, warbles his tunes in a shrill tone thats somewhere between Peking Opera and crosstalk. -CNN

Nov 08

Niseko Accommodation Provider Highlights January as a Prime Time to Visit HT Holidays

(PRWEB) September 23, 2014

The most established Niseko accommodation provider and market leader, HT Holidays, is excited to highlight January as an excellent month to vacation at their luxury properties. The month of January has many perks including increased snowfall and discounted prices on HT Holidays properties.

Snowing 28 of the 31 days last January, Niseko can expect to receive over 5m of snowfall January 2015, an incredible amount for winter sports lovers. During the last week of January and the beginning of February, HT Holidays properties are available for about 20% cheaper than the first 3 weeks of January. Exciting events include HT Holidays Snow Outdoor Winter BBQ and Taiko Drumming, a special Japanese music performance that is held outdoors as a weekly event.

We all look forward to January at HT Holidays, said Chris Pickering, Operations Manager of HT Holidays. Nisekos incredible amount of snowfall during this month provides our guests with one of the most abundant sources of powder snow in the world. Were also very pleased to offer our guests reduced prices towards the end of the month and look forward to welcoming everyone to experience Niseko at a fantastic time of year.

Here are some important January dates to remember:

Nov 06 Converts Social Traffic of Passionate Pet Lovers at a High Rate of 34.62% using ShopSocially

Mountain View, CA (PRWEB) September 22, 2014

Best Bully Sticks is a pet company dedicated to natural products for dogs. By using social apps from leading social commerce platform ShopSocially; Best Bully Sticks is converting passionate pet lovers on its site into brand ambassadors who are recommending Best Bully Sticks products to their friends on social media. Social traffic generated from these social recommendations is converting at a high rate of 34.62%, driving up the social ROI for Best Bully Sticks.

Best Bully Sticks is using ShopSociallys Share-a-Purchase app to incentivize social sharing of purchases on their site. To drive maximum sharing, Best Bully Sticks has used built-in A/B testing feature of ShopSocially platform and evaluated the precise impact of two different promotional offers. Best Bully Sticks found out that customers prefer a cash discount for social campaigns than a percentage off on price. Social sharing by customers who were offered cash discount on their next purchase resulted in a 21.67% higher sales conversion rate compared to a percentage off on their next purchase.

Best Bully Sticks is incentivizing their site users to connect with their brand on Facebook by using ShopSociallys Social Connect app. This app is a next-gen email acquisition tool where users connect via Facebook to share not only the email address but also rich social profile information like age, gender, location, friends graph and interests. Each email address shared is pre-verified, eliminating the need to send users away from website to their inboxes for email verification. The user incentive is provided inline, ensuring that user never leaves the website. By connecting via Facebook and socially recommending the brand, users invest their social capital to earn the incentive and hence they tend to convert at a higher rate; in the case of Best Bully Sticks, the sales conversion rate for such users was 36.42%.

As users connect with the Best Bully Sticks brand on Facebook, they are creating valuable social reviews which are shared on Facebook. ShopSociallys Shopping Community app is pulling all these reviews in a gallery view highlighted on Best Bully Sticks Facebook page. Users are sharing their purchases with comments like Great prices and excellent quality treats on!, These are the best treats!! Buy in bulk! and many more.

Our customers are passionate about their pets, and we are passionate about giving them the highest quality pet-products. This has earned us many happy and repeat customers. commented Avrum Elmakis, CEO-Founder at ShopSocially apps are converting our customers passion into word-of-mouth promotions on social media. ShopSociallys A/B testing framework has helped us gain deep customer insights to frame the most effective social media strategies and maximize social ROI.

Although marketers have been using social media as their mainstream marketing channel, they are yet unsure about the precise impact on revenue. It is important for marketers to use tools like A/B testing to find out how their social media strategies are impacting sales and calculate in clear terms the social ROI for their business. ShopSociallys customers are using advanced platform features like A/B testing and customized targeting options based on social profiles of their customers to gain meaningful uplift in sales conversion rate and revenue.

Continuous evolution of social media as a marketing channel is pushing marketers to get creative with their social media strategies and also measure the impact of these strategies. Advanced features like A/B Testing genuinely enable marketers to frame data-driven social strategies and achieve healthy social ROI, said Jai Rawat, CEO of ShopSocially. Best Bully Sticks is creatively using these features from ShopSocially to device ROI-focused social media strategies and win handsome returns.

About Best Bully Sticks

Best Bully Sticks is a passionate pet company dedicated to natural products for dogs. Founded in 2007, Best Bully Sticks’ mission is to provide high quality Bully Sticks, Dog Treats, and Dog Chews at great prices. Best Bully Sticks products are 100% all natural and come from grass-fed, free-range Brazilian cattle, none of which are fed hormones or antibiotics. Best Bully Sticks also offers a wide range of Made in the USA dog chews and treats.

About ShopSocially

ShopSocially is the leading SaaS-based social commerce platform for marketers. It is the social platform of choice for 100s of top brands including Target, HBO, CafePress, ULTA, Crabtree & Evelyn, Gaiam, Deckers, Zazzle, Zipcar, Beachbody, SportChalet, Beretta, Bluefly, etc., generating millions of dollars in attributable, incremental revenue.

ShopSocially consists of a suite of social modules that marketers can embed on their websites to maximize word-of-mouth referrals, customer engagement, and conversion. Examples of social modules are Refer-a-Friend, Photomonials, Social Login, Loyalty, Share-a-Purchase and Ask-a-Friend.

ShopSocially has won several awards and has also been featured by Facebook in a Social Commerce case study. Launched in Oct 2010, ShopSocially is a privately held company in Mountain View, CA. For contact information, please visit

Nov 05

Crawford Technologies Releasing New Dashboard Technology for Production Management at GRAPH EXPO 14

TORONTO, ON (PRWEB) September 18, 2014

Crawford Technologies announced today that it will demonstrate its new dashboard technology for high-volume customer communications workflows at GRAPH EXPO 14 in Chicago, IL from September 28 to October 1, 2014.

CrawfordTech’s new dashboard technology allows Automated Document Factory (ADF) users to know exactly what is happening, real-time, on the production floor. CrawfordTech’s dashboard is easy to use, customizable, modular and provides workflow visibility, increased productivity and lowers IT costs.

“Our customers have been asking for dashboard technology to give them a better view into their production workflows, so we have delivered a very exciting addition to this powerful solution” said Ernie Crawford, President of Crawford Technologies.

In addition to the release of CrawfordTech’s new dashboard, attendees will have a chance to experience a revolutionary and complete end-to-end ADF courtesy of the powerful partnership between Crawford Technologies, Canon Solutions America and Ironsides Technology as the three vendors join forces to offer a complete package for customers who want the best of breed for all critical components of their ADF.

We are very excited about partnering with Canon Solutions America and Ironsides Technology this year in Chicago at GRAPH EXPO 14, said Stuart Warner, Vice President of Sales, Crawford Technologies. By combining the power of Oc