Apr 27

Test Any Website Across All Major Operating Systems with the New Version of TestCafe from Developer Express

Glendale, California (PRWEB) January 06, 2015

DevExpress is proud to announce the immediate availability of TestCafe v14.2, an automated web testing framework built to address the evolving application testing needs of the enterprise. Unlike traditional HTML5 web testing tools that force users to install browser plugins in order to record and/or execute tests, TestCafe requires no plugins – it simply works, out-of-the-box. With no plugins to install or configure, QA teams will never encounter browser versioning issues and can test on different versions of the same browser without the need to install a complete test environment.

“TestCafe v14.2 was designed to improve productivity and efficiency within both large and small QA teams,” said Julian M Bucknall, CTO at DevExpress. “Its built to meet the challenges of todays BYOD world and ships with a straightforward visual Test Recorder so organizations can improve testing processes and deliver rock-solid web solutions that work as expected across todays major browsers.”

Whats New in v14.2

Based on customer feedback, TestCafe v14.2 includes a redesigned Visual Test Recorder with features designed to simplify test recording. New features include:

Apr 26

Connect Group Enterprises Introduces Vessl A Portable Mobile Phone Charging Solution For When and Where You Need It Most

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) January 07, 2015

Connect Group Enterprises, a company with offices in San Francisco and Seoul, South Korea, is bringing Vessl an elegant, portable, and easy-to-use mobile phone charging device to North American local businesses, event venues, offices and other social spaces.

Business owners make individual Vessl chargers available to customers for as long as they are on site. Vessl powers up to two smartphones at a time; once the customer is ready to go, he or she returns the charger and departs with a freshly charged device.

The Problem:

A mobile society has created a growing dependency upon mobile devices for work, home, play, errands and nightlife. Smartphones are used primarily to access online information, and all that data streaming drains batteries like crazy. No wonder battery life is the single most important factor cited when purchasing a smartphone. And the number one smart-practice to maximize a mobile phone battery? Charge it more often! The problem is: How and where can mobile society charge a smartphone quickly and easily?

The Solution:

Vessl is a portable, easy-to-use charger designed for service-based venues where customers spend a considerable amount of time. Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Gyms, Salons, Hotels can offer Vessl to customers, enabling them to charge smartphones while enjoying lunch, coffee, a meeting, or workout.

Everybody Wins:

Customers/Business Professionals using Vessl:

Busy people are delighted with the opportunity to charge smartphones while on the go.
A Vessl for every seat at the conference table ensures no one loses power during an important meeting.
Families and friends feel secure knowing they can be reached at any time, anywhere, with a fully-charged phone.

Businesses offering Vessl will see:

More repeat visits;
Longer visits mean more up-selling opportunity for staff;
Word-of-mouth/social sharing from establishments;
Increased marketing opportunity: brand the device with a logo and use Vessl’s NFC technology to send promotions or content directly to the customer phone.

Vessl: Product Info

Charging stand holds 10 chargers; each charger charges 2 devices

Industry-Leading, High Quality Lithium-Polymer Batteries;
Connects/charges all major smartphones, many tablets;
30% faster charging than normal smartphone chargers.

“Vessl is a great addition for District! It helps keep our customer’s happy and powered up…staying connected to the ones they love.” -Jon D’Angelica, Owner of District Bar and Restaurant

An In-Demand Technology in Asia

Vessl under the brand name PonBob (ponbob.com)

Apr 25

Los Cafres – Tus ojos (DVD “25 años” Video oficial)

CONSEGUÍ “LOS CAFRES – 25 AÑOS DE MÚSICA” EN TODO EL MUNDO EN: https://itunes.apple.com/ar/album/los-cafres-25-anos-de-musica/id721710302 Escuchalo En Spotify: …

http://SweepstakesCafesOhio.com – Are you tired of driving by Internet Sweepstakes Cafes in Ohio and seeing the parking lot full? Have you wondered what is going on in those Internet Sweepstakes…

Apr 24

ISRP-Les Cafés Psychomots – La Recherche en psychomotricité

A l’occasion de son premier “café psychomot” de la saison 2014-2015, l’ISRP a proposé de faire un point sur la recherche en psychomotricité. Un débat riche et passionnant.

Butler Cafes in Tokyo and Japan – Continuing with my series on hosts, this video is about Butler cafés in Japan and Tokyo, which is a weird off-spring from the Host clubs, and is something…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Apr 23

N2N Services Inc. Launches edhubs – a Social and Personalized Platform for Life-long Learners Worldwide. CEO Calls edhubs “Google for Learning.”

Duluth, GA (PRWEB) January 02, 2015

N2N Service Inc. CEO Kiran Kodithala launched edhubs platform and proudly boasted to his Advisors and Directors that edhubs has the potential to be the “Google for Learning”. N2N’s edhubs platform is built to allow life-long learners to search for relevant content across the internet – including YouTube and mobile app stores, and then blend that with their own personalized content. With edhubs, a teacher can create a lesson on complex topics like calculus, relativity or DNA by leveraging interactive content on the Internet. Once the lesson is created, the teacher can share it with his/her students and use integrated analytics and assessment tools to measure student learning activities and track assessment data.

N2N believes that the Internet is transforming the way we acquire knowledge as life-long learners. The concept of books, libraries and cafes are now actively being replaced by high quality content and media online. The amount of learning content available on the Internet is growing exponentially every day. N2N’s learning innovation team feels our edhubs product will enable education institutions to leverage content available on internet for interactive learning, game based learning or project based learning. The platform is highly customizable and can support multiple learning delivery models and teaching styles.

As part of our initial launch, N2N is proud to offer edhubs platform free of cost for the pilot group of parents, teachers and students. During this initial release period, any user can sign-up to be a parent/teacher/student and build their lessons and courses for free.

The platform is currently being piloted at Empire State College, New Albany Floyd County School District and other educational institutions. Users agree that this platform has great potential and can support the future of learning in a very comprehensive and user friendly fashion.


About N2N Services Inc.:

Founded in 2010 as a software and services firm focused on the education market, N2N is working to transform education by connecting the legacy student information systems to the digital native learners.

N2N’s mission is to transform the P-20 learning models through technology-driven, innovative, and outcome-based strategies to support parents, teachers and students.

The core team at N2N has decades of experience working on education and education technologies. N2N’s leadership team is actively working with several educational institutions and partners to build an ecosystem to support new models of learning delivery for student success.

Apr 19

La La Land Shirts, An Online T-Shirt Vendor Has Started Using a New Method To Sell Their Shirts

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) December 26, 2014

Based in St. Louis, Missouri La La Land Shirts have decided to start using Teespring, because it ads a level of urgency to the consumer since the shirt is only available for a short period of time. This gives the people who buy the shirt a nice advantage if they want original shirts, with very few prints. In order for the shirts to be printed and mailed, at least 5 copies of the shirt must be ordered.

With this new printing and selling system, La La Land Shirts is able to target more specific niches and make shirts that are much more relevant to the consumer. This gives La La Land Shirts the ability to make shirts for a small group of people, such as dog lovers or University of Missouri Football fans. These niches are much harder to sell to when just using an online store, said a spokesperson from La La Land Shirts.

La La Land Shirts went on to say that the profit margin is much higher when selling through Teespring. Other online companies such as CafePress and Zazzle allow companies to set up a store and sell through their platform, just like any normal eCommerce website. However, since its a regular store, there is no sense of urgency and the shirts do not sell for as much money.

This is a win win situation for everyone, because T-Shirt shoppers can now get very good designs in their specific niche they are looking for. Its also great for La La Land Shirts, because they can deliver faster and make more profit, said a spokesperson from La La Land Shirts.

You can take a look at La La Land Shirts store that they set up on Teespring and get an idea of how the new way of shopping for T-Shirts works, plus its a great way to see the niche shirts they are selling right now.

For more information, visit http://lalalandshirts.com.

About La La Land Shirts:

La La Land Shirts is a company that has been around since 2007 and is committed to making shirts that appeal to a wide range of people. They are principled, trustworthy and continuously strive to improve themselves and their customer experience. By adding motivational workout shirts, music shirts, crazy shirts and Hillary Clinton shirts to their repertoire, they are trying to cater to a larger and larger crowd.

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Apr 16

Swipii Wins Sir Tom Hunters

Glasgow, UK (PRWEB UK) 24 December 2014

Swipii is excited to announce that it won an award at the prestigious ScottishEDGE finals endowed by Sir Tom Hunter on Tuesday 9th December at the RBS Conference Centre in Gogarburn, Edinburgh, and comes as the company is poised to expand its innovative loyalty and marketing platform outside Scotland.

The prize of